Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our finest hour...

So, this year I was on the "home team" for Peacemaker Ministries - which means that I, along with a core few (Jon, Becca and Jo) held down the fort for the Billings office, while the majority served the guests at our annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

I have been able to attend the last five conferences, and each of these begins with a keynote address from our President, Ken Sande. A friend has linked the video for the first part of his Thursday evening address - I encourage you to watch this segment and follow up with the next segments when they are offered.

Before leaving work on Friday, my co-laborer related a story from the conference that he had heard. A woman who was intent on a divorce from her husband prior to Ken's talk - was later intent on contacting a judge on Monday to reverse that option.

I'm always amazed at how the Spirit works in people's hearts as they hear the Word preached - and how that work has an amazing impact on not only their lives, but is a testimony for others' struggles as well. I'm also thankful for her change in perspective....

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