Monday, January 24, 2011

This Weekend I ......

It's nice to take a few moments to recall exactly what I did this past weekend. Thanks to my blogging friend, Karen, for hosting this meme....

1.. Scraped ice from curb side while watching my grandson's delight in running through snow-melt puddles on the sidewalk.

2. Got reacquained with Bianca and Bernard in Disney's DVD of The Rescuers.

3. Was glad that my grandson became acquainted with other pint-size people in our church I was enjoying my time in our worship service ;)

4. Enjoyed shopping for cards, books, DVDs and flowers for friends and family.

5. Finally cooked on my new stove --- eggs and an omelette for meals other than breakfast.

6. Received a lovely card of comfort -- and gift -- from a classmate and thoughtful friend.

7. Enjoyed another computer-free weekend.

8. Explained the what, why and how of my beautiful, 4-blossom amaryllis plant to my grandson.

9. PBS - Downton Abbey.

10. Shared an Elisabeth Elliot quote in church during our time of praise and prayer -- as a testimony of God's love during our times of grief and suffering.

My grandson Trask with cousin, Joe at Christmas.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life as we know it

Life as we now know it changed dramatically early in December 2010. My dear son, Kirk, was killed in a car accident as he was traveling from work to his home -- across the "Rims". This photo was taken at a friend's wedding in August, 2010. Kirk is joined here by his cousin, Bekah.

The outpouring of generosity and comfort to our family has been amazing....and my daughter and I have been able to lift our heads and enjoy peace, even while we grieve this heavy loss for our family.

Here is Kirk's obituary, which appeared in our local newspaper. It really states best who he was, and those people important in his life, as well as his pursuits and passions.