Monday, July 28, 2008

Going up?

Maybe water retention is real after all? Again, not a great week for me in portion control or exercise (it's been in the 90s)unless you count changing the sprinkler and painting the trim.

Today's scale read 233.8.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

One of the local printing companies that our ministry does business with, was generous in providing our staff and families with a BBQ and tickets for the Saturday evening Mustangs game.

I'm always ready for some summer goodies, and was looking forward to checking out the new and improved baseball park (Dehler Park.) The food didn't disappoint -- but the seating for the game was not ideal. We were located near left field, so home plate was a stretch for watching, especially with people continually popping up and down for whatever reasons.

I was able to catch some pictures of the players as they warmed up and visited before the game.

I lasted three innings before packing it in (tired from yard and house work) -- it was a beautiful evening however, and I look forward to getting to know more about our local minor league players.

...Not so enthused this week

So, I was not thrilled by this week's weight gain...but not surprised either, as I ate out several times, and really didn't say "no" to much. Fitness wise, I feel better, have more energy and am getting toned, so I guess that's the positive.

Will try to kick back in to good portion control and general moderation this week, and look forward to the numbers going down.

The number is 231.8 - up 2 pounds - yuck!
The rest of my stats:

Start weight 6/30: 232.8
Weigh in 7/7: 232.6
Weigh in 7/14: 229.8
Current weight 7/21: 231.8

Monday, July 14, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!!

So, this was today's weigh-in result. Still working on the portion control - finding it hard to limit my summer ice cream... and wasn't able to exercise as much this weekend due to illness.

Start weight 6/30: 232.8
Weigh in 7/7: 232.6
Current weight 7/14: 229.8

Summertime is beautiful here in Montana, with sunny weather in the 80s and low 90s and little or no humidity. I'm still working to revive my lawns - the front one is looking better, the side lawn has problems, and the back lawn is really needy of TLC. Tonight is mowing time, and hopefully the grass seed in the back will begin to germinate and grow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In my previous post, I mentioned taking my grandson, Trask, to a nearby park this past Saturday. This park used to have a wading pool - and when my daughter (and Trask's mom) was a toddler, I brought her to the pool. I will add that picture after I scan it into my computer, as a comparison to the pictures that follow. This idea of comparing my child and grandchild's ages and experiences in pictures, is a true delight.

Fast forward to this summer, and the wading pool has been replaced by a water/splash park. Here are some pictures of Trask enjoying the water and watching the other children:

Last summer, I took Trask to this same park --- he was only a few months old, not even crawling yet...and now look at him. I was skirting the outside of the water area just to catch these few shots - he is definitely in the "on the go" mode.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekly weigh in

Well, it could have been worse, following birthday lunches, dinners, the 4th of July and vacation. My help came from more outdoor exercise -- yard work, a walk to the park on Saturday with Trask, as well as household chores.

Start weight 6/30: 232.8
Current weight 7/7: 232.6

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday surprises

How neat to walk into work today -- and find an email birthday greeting from friends in Arizona ---

and lovely flowers from two friends at work (Kris is pictured with me; Janice was away from her desk :(

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kirk!!!

Kirk showing off his "new-to-him" car to Grandpa, uncle Gene, and sister, Misty.

Since we share a birthday, I've stated many times that he is my best birthday present ever. He usually counters with, "I can't imagine that the labor was the "best" part of it..."

Actually, the labor was minimal, and began during a birthday BBQ we were hosting for several family members visiting us in Oregon that summer. Following the BBQ, Mom stayed up with me visiting until we needed to go to the hospital -- and Kirk was born less than an hour after we arrived.

Kirk has been a wonderful son - even in his more rebellious teen years, he rarely was disrespectful, and always supportive and caring. He is a hard worker, a good and loyal friend, a Christian servant in our local church -- he is skilled in culinary and brewing, enjoys golf with his buddies, and is happy to be at any and all family gatherings.

We're hoping to celebrate with a birthday dinner on Wednesday -- a shared meal on our birthday has become a welcome tradition.