Monday, July 21, 2008

...Not so enthused this week

So, I was not thrilled by this week's weight gain...but not surprised either, as I ate out several times, and really didn't say "no" to much. Fitness wise, I feel better, have more energy and am getting toned, so I guess that's the positive.

Will try to kick back in to good portion control and general moderation this week, and look forward to the numbers going down.

The number is 231.8 - up 2 pounds - yuck!
The rest of my stats:

Start weight 6/30: 232.8
Weigh in 7/7: 232.6
Weigh in 7/14: 229.8
Current weight 7/21: 231.8


Abbi said...

Hang in there. I had a 4 pound gain over the past two weeks and then a 4.5 lb loss last Saturday. I attribute it to our body cycles...we women tend to retain more water...I talked about that a couple posts ago.

You can do it!! And, you don't always have to say 'no', sometimes just a bite or two is enough. I've been working on that myself...

Keep it up!!! It's SO worth it.

Gretchin said...

Hey Sharon!

I have gone up and down several times too. Dont sweat it. In time you will begin to see a good difference in your weight!

Good luck!