Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kirk!!!

Kirk showing off his "new-to-him" car to Grandpa, uncle Gene, and sister, Misty.

Since we share a birthday, I've stated many times that he is my best birthday present ever. He usually counters with, "I can't imagine that the labor was the "best" part of it..."

Actually, the labor was minimal, and began during a birthday BBQ we were hosting for several family members visiting us in Oregon that summer. Following the BBQ, Mom stayed up with me visiting until we needed to go to the hospital -- and Kirk was born less than an hour after we arrived.

Kirk has been a wonderful son - even in his more rebellious teen years, he rarely was disrespectful, and always supportive and caring. He is a hard worker, a good and loyal friend, a Christian servant in our local church -- he is skilled in culinary and brewing, enjoys golf with his buddies, and is happy to be at any and all family gatherings.

We're hoping to celebrate with a birthday dinner on Wednesday -- a shared meal on our birthday has become a welcome tradition.


Amanda said...

Happy birthday, Sharon! (And Kirk) :)

Sharon said...

Thank you so much, Amanda! I joke that I gave Kirk this birthday years ago, but somehow I still enjoy the surprises and celebration when it comes around.