Monday, January 24, 2011

This Weekend I ......

It's nice to take a few moments to recall exactly what I did this past weekend. Thanks to my blogging friend, Karen, for hosting this meme....

1.. Scraped ice from curb side while watching my grandson's delight in running through snow-melt puddles on the sidewalk.

2. Got reacquained with Bianca and Bernard in Disney's DVD of The Rescuers.

3. Was glad that my grandson became acquainted with other pint-size people in our church I was enjoying my time in our worship service ;)

4. Enjoyed shopping for cards, books, DVDs and flowers for friends and family.

5. Finally cooked on my new stove --- eggs and an omelette for meals other than breakfast.

6. Received a lovely card of comfort -- and gift -- from a classmate and thoughtful friend.

7. Enjoyed another computer-free weekend.

8. Explained the what, why and how of my beautiful, 4-blossom amaryllis plant to my grandson.

9. PBS - Downton Abbey.

10. Shared an Elisabeth Elliot quote in church during our time of praise and prayer -- as a testimony of God's love during our times of grief and suffering.

My grandson Trask with cousin, Joe at Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Downtown Abbey until today when a friend from Hawaii told me about it and that she thought I'd enjoy it. I checked Netflix, and it's available there tomorrow! Can't wait to get it.

Karen said...

Thanks for joining in, Sharon! Your grandson is a cutie and such a cute name. It's fun learning to love all those Disney movies again isn't it? My nephew is six, and I love seeing the world through his eyes.

Sharon said...

Anne, thanks for posting...Netflix has been my choice for over 2 years now. Every now and then I'll review the list of movies watched (a blog post for a future date?). It may be a "quick fix" but watching videos helps during our long, Montana winters.

Karen, thanks, again for hosting this meme....just reviewing the list of 10 brings to me to gratitude for relationships and the rest and refreshment a weekend brings.