Tuesday, September 2, 2008

J. R. and Molly' wedding reception -- in stages :)

The great thing about being on the "outer circle" of a wedding celebration, is the chance to snap lots of pictures. The wedding we attended on Sunday, August 31st had lots of people and photo opportunities. Unfortunately, my camera was in my car during the wedding itself, so I had to wait for the reception that followed.

I'll start with the "candid" pictures of the bride and groom. After all,it was their day...B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L wedding cake made by friend, Chris -- and a replica of J.R.'s car for the groom's cake....the first dance as husband and wife
...they each had their turn playing with the bandPeter and Angus playing a prank on Molly - and no, the candles were not real...I hope it wasn't the food...Molly with special friends, Melodee and Susan
Last minute words from mom...and encouragement for a bride-to-be -- before taking off for a short getaway in a "sweet ride"J.R's dad described the getaway vehicle like this:"I believe that it was a ’32 Ford pickup with a 400 cubic inch Chevy motor. Lots of power, not much weight, sort of like Molly."

Next up: Friends and family danced the night away....


Melodee said...

Sharon, I just found your blog - I can't believe I didn't have it on my blog reader before! Wonderful pictures; thanks for posting them!

curtis03 Lewis said...

J. R. and Molly' wedding reception was just stunning. At the best Los Angeles venues we also attended a fairy inspired wedding which was amazing. The details in that ceremony were truly epic so I took some pictures so that can use ideas for my own big day.