Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love those Links

I'm sure you all have your favorite links -- and have many ways to organize and/or find those sites.

Here are a few that I browse during my week:

The BBC News Online - their Day in Pictures is one of those sites. The photographs may be of a current event - usually featuring an international array of people and places - and are high quality photographs.

I have no idea how I hopped to Frugal Dad; but there he was one day. His site offers hope and information for our finances,and that is a worthy cause in our country today. He speaks as "one who has been there" in making financial mistakes in his life. I admit to reading his blog to keep me on track in my budgeting and saving, etc. - affirm what I already know, and remind me of where I have been...

...and as with Pray for Ian on my sidebar -- Connor is another young man trying to overcome the physical obstacles following an accident. I'm sure Ian, Connor and their families would appreciate your prayers and support. Later this month will be 2 years since Ian's car accident - going through the early, intense days in ICU, later in a rehab center, and continuing his recovery at home; Connor's diving accident happened earlier this summer, and he is currently in a rehab facility.

So, whether it be a fresh perspective from my seat here in Montana with BBC -- or a thankful heart for my physical or financial "health," these are welcome sites.

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