Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What the weather looks like here

I took these pictures earlier this week from my Explorer -- strange, you may think. Not so if you have been living in drought stricken Montana for the past 7-10 years. We have had an unheard of 2-3 week spell of daily rain.

This June morning I awoke to temperatures in the 30s...if you look to the southwest, the mountain range has huge amounts of snow- a few years ago during mid-to-end of June, there was no snow to be seen on the same mountain range. And western areas of Montana had snow just yesterday (near Glacier Park.)

Except for a few disgruntled early tourists, hikers, campers,fishermen, or anyone trying to plan an outdoor event or game, we are very grateful for the Lord opening His hand to allow the showers to fall on us. We have a very short amount of time for a green spring before the heat and the brown reappear, so cut us some slack as we enjoy all that green.

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