Friday, June 27, 2008

Choked up

Well, that was a surprise for a Friday. A friend's blog had this linked story. I knew previously that this church's mission trip to Mexico was derailed due to violence in the area - and then was re-railed (is that a word?) to help aid Katrina victims.

Over two years later, the pain, trial and struggle continues for those victims. I especially was touched by this part of Ted's story:
"My big “God Moment” came when I was walking out of the back room and walked through the living room where Mrs. Palermo was talking to a friend on her cordless phone. Loud and unashamed she said, “Here he is! That man from Washington who brought kids from Washington State and Oregon. He’s the man who told me that God wanted him to come here to help us.”

Isn't that great??
And, here is the second part that touched me...
>"I’ve come to understand that at least one of the reasons we are here is hope and to let people here who are struggling to recover from a massive disaster that they are not forgotten, by us, by God.

As we considered what it meant not to be Mexico, we began to ask the question:
Is it harder to have nothing and get something great
to have had everything, lose it and try to recover it

It is good that we are here."

May the Lord continue his blessings on this mission and the people.

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