Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What I Have Been Doing - Part 1

Prepping - definition: scraping, sanding, cleaning, more scraping, more sanding, more cleaning. I have found little patience or perseverance in this home improvement area. It's too bad that my 1947 home is the poster home for prepping, however....so just suck it up and get on with it.

These are my before pictures. I've lived here for 4+ years with WHITE WALLS (they were actually great for the first years I lived here; so light and bright compared to my 3+ years with wood panelling at my previous home.

Two very important aids in prepping - a wonderful brother who has the skill and time to mud and tape cracks; the second, a wonderful friend who lends their electric sander (the O-N-L-Y way to go) Primer was added to some of the walls before these pictures were taken. I especially like the "distressed" look on the window, don't you?

The first color has been added - WOO HOO!!!! I needed to complete one wall in order to move the piano to its new permanent position. Pictures with color soon to follow.
I went shopping for window treatments when I picked up the paint last evening; then went running from the store AGH!!!!!! Maybe I'll opt for new outlet and light switch coverings first; yeah, start slow and no one will get hurt.

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