Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Staff Retreat 2008

Last month's annual staff retreat held a new experience. Our staff divided into six teams, and each team was given a book of directions to accomplish our Peacemaker Amazing Race (think scavenger hunt type activities.) Kudos to Molly and our other directors for planning this fun.

Here is a link to the ministry blog, and Molly's pictures of one of our activities. I was on Ken's team (his text is the last one,) and I recall that the texting was done in the vehicle on the way to one of our stops.

One of those stops was Chuck E Cheese, where we each played the mole game, taking a picture of our score (alas, mine was not the highest...) An offsite coworker in our International Division commented that he couldn't remember the last time he had played the mole game.

Another stop was for each team to have our picture taken on someone's couch...we chose the home of a co-worker, that was on the way to another stop...

UPDATE: Here is the staff photo that was taken after the Peacemaking Race at our annual retreat - note the different team colors: Olive team completed the race in the least amount of time...and the orange team completed it in the most time. My "periwinkel" team was third (or fourth), as I recall.

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