Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Wedding

Monday was a long-awaited day of worship and celebration, as my niece (beautiful bride!) began a new season in her life.

The ceremony was wonderfully intimate, as my niece has been an important part of our church for most of her life. She knows the pastor well, and all of his delivery was very personal, which was touching. I'm thankful for the Lord providing such a caring shepherd - his happiness is evident in the final moments of the service.

The groom's grandfather blessed the couple by reading from Scripture.

After making the initial exit down the aisle, the husband and wife then returned to greet each of their guests as they left the sanctuary.

I always enjoy the spirited singing by the congregation and the song choices reflect a lot about the participants. Their first song choice was "How Great Thou Art," and I observed two male family members near me, wiping away a tear, which once again reminded me that the Lord is working in each moment of worship.

There were many family and church members in attendance, as well as friends and former coworkers, verbally affirming their care for the couple during the ceremony (at the couple's request), as well as by their joy.

More celebration, feasting and fun to follow in my next post...

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Beth said...

lovely! The church looks so western and beautiful. I'd like to see more pictures of the church sometime.