Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lights out

Friday night, about 9:30 pm, the lights went out in my home - okay, the lights, tv, computer and FANS went out on the day we reached 100 degrees.

So, earlier in the week, I had opened and enjoyed my shipment of candles from these good folks - they really became good folks because they allowed me to light the important rooms in my home, as, before their shipment, I would have had only two pillar candles. It is especially funny to me that the candles were purchased mainly for their color and decorative appeal for my living room makeover
-- and their greatest value ended up being their usefulness (and what they have been intended for over time - LIGHT)

Anyway, I wholeheartedly support this company, and got to prove in one night, how excellent their tapers and floating candles performed.

It also allowed me the memory of how I used to enjoy the "lights out" time with my children; as it allowed us to play a game, or tell stories, anything outside of our electric or electronic world ... and find the flashlight and candles.

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Beth said...

thanks for that link, I like their selection and have bookmarked it. You probably should lay in a big supply before the winter winds start to howl!