Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saturday morning coffee

This past Saturday, our family enjoyed a coffee at my older sister's home. The occasion was a pre-function gathering for my niece's wedding.

Things I love about the coffee times:

3-5 conversations happening at once

A chance to share the most recent family pictures

A chance to share "new" news, with the greatest amount of family present

A chance to honor my father and mother, as they enjoy the gatherings more
than anyone else :)

So, the mother of the bride requested a picture of her daughter with her two older cousins (aka the "Three Musketeers")
This next picture shows the activity of the last 10 years - the addition of three spouses and another very cute, little cousin.

Another picture with the bride's siblings and sibling spouse did not turn out :( -- and another cousin left before the picture taking session.

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