Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009!!!

Well, my blogging hiatus is officially over. I have enjoyed seeing others take a break from their blogs over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season -- to know that I'm not alone. Saying that, I really enjoy those friends who regularly blog and look forward to what they share. My muse was defitinitely quiet for awhile ;)

This time has been contemplative and prayerful for me. My blog may reflect some of those 'aha' moments for just a time, or may be a lasting change for my life.

One example of this thought, is that I've felt that my blog writing follows my photographs, so there must be an event or I must take photos before I write. It has felt great to release that order -- saying the first of many good 'nays' to routine things.

Another example, is, although I live a pretty simple life by today's standard, I've noticed that I no longer cope with even regular stress well lately -- and have found continuing peace and contentment important to maintain - again saying 'nay' to invitations to events, people's requests for help, etc....it became clearer that I am more of a 'people pleaser' than I admitted to myself or others, which always puts additional pressure to perform.

One blogger friend says that for the past two years, she has begun the new year with a word or phrase - e.g. 'God is faithful' her first year, and 'purposeful' for this year; and then, to be mindful of those terms and their life impact throughout her year.

So, for 2009, my hope is that I will 'Wait upon God's grace'....through the years I have learned a lot about the blessings of obedience to 'wait', but I would like to be able to be mindful of those instances or happenings, and then to rejoice -- even through the waiting time...Thanks, Karen! You are an inspiration to me.

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Barb Hartsook said...

An interesting post. Sometimes we have to stay quiet to hear anything.

It sounds as if you've been listening.

Pleasing people is okay as long as you don't lose yourself in the process. Because after they leave, where are you?

Pursuing purpose seems a noble goal...

I wish you well as the year presents itself.