Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Hear It For C-Span

Last evening, I began watching the lead-in for the President's address to Congress -- on CBS. Yes, that would be lovely Katie Couric in the news chair.

Less than an hour before her coverage of the President's speech, on the CBS Nighly News, Katie's questions for David Axelrod and House Minority Leader John Boehner began grating on my nerves, but I wanted to hear each of their responses to her (poor) questions. The bad taste in my mouth was beginning to form...

I am still searching for her actual comments during the lead-in to the speech, but suffice it to say she made one-too-many nasty/caustic comments, and I chose to bail from the CBS I had no idea that Katie continued with her weird comments and behavior after I changed channels.

"In the CBS introductory coverage of President Obama's first address to Congress, Katie Couric poked fun at Vice President and white male Joe Biden. "Nice to see a little diversity, with an African-American President, a female Speaker of the House, and there's the white guy," she said." (HT: Huffington Post)

Maybe this can be chalked up to my after-work mood, or the fact that I'd love to watch ABC coverage, only that station is fuzzy and hard on the eyes.

But, once more, I tuned into the wonderful C-Span network, where I could take in all the wonderful sights and sounds, minus the annoying commentators -- and actually use my own mind to determine what was happening in the Capitol that evening. I'll admit that immediately after the speech, I opted to watch my newest Netflix pick over Governor Jindal's response to the speech.

I'm sure CBS will not miss this one Montanan's absence during the evening news (oh, if only I could count on many more Harry Smith or Russ Mitchell nights); and I will miss Steve Hartman's Assignment America stories, but I'm definitely not watching Ms. Couric in the future.

BTW, Katie was not the only commentator to make a spectacle of themself - Chris Matthews also scored high in that category ;)


Julie said...

You know, Sharon, even if they don't miss you, sometimes you just have to do things like that for yourself. I was not a fan of hers when she hosted the morning show and I've yet to watch her on the nightly news. I didn't think the change of venue would change my opinion. Your experience kind of confirms it!

Beth said...

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