Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The month of May brings two special events to my mind. One was my high school graduation in 1970 - I believe May 10th(?)

The second event occurred about a week prior to that graduation - it was the SEARCH, a high school religious retreat. Here is a picture of the students (mostly/all seniors)from three local high schools, and the adult leaders who were in attendance -

When my older sister came home after attending her weekend SEARCH a few years earlier, I noticed a change in her, and I knew that it had to have been something that happened at the retreat. At least in my circle of family and friends, it was unheard of to share all the details of what happens during that retreat, so it remained a tantalizing mystery to me.

Although I still am not willing to share what details make up that weekend time, a special memory is the quiet, prayer and meditation time spent in the school front of the cross.
“The cross which is the object of faith, is also, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the cause of it. Sit down and watch the dying Saviour till faith springs up spontaneously in your heart. There is no place like Calvary for creating confidence. The air of that sacred hill brings health to trembling faith.”- C. H. Spurgeon, All of Grace

Now, back to the I was looking at it again awhile ago, I wondered, by looking at people's faces and remembering the events of the weekend, if any/some/all of these attendees, were impacted in their faith life -- and, if so, if that transformed the years between then and now.

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