Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blogs I Visit

I recently attempted to categorize the blogs I read. One of those categories is "Personal/Family." Molly's blog is one blog I check daily, and she fails to disappoint. I really like the way her posts link a life application to Christian teaching. I also enjoy the personal snapshots that show her loves of family and friends, travel, and her dogs.
There are several others I read regularly, in this same category, that you can link to from my page.
I also have a category called simply "Montana." I appreciate Ed's journalistic take on local and state news; it's timely, and provides some interesting discussion. Another blog has amazing Montana pictures.
And a third category I call "Nature/Birding." Julie Z's blog has it all - birding pictures & identification, paintings, birding events, rock music and the famous suet recipe for Zick Dough. I discovered Mary from Julie Z's blog comments, and followed the weather forecast for the Charlotte, North Carolina, prior to our Peacemaker Conference held there in September 2007.
Finally, I have a category called "Ministry/Christian Faith." I found several that cover medical trauma; the most inspiring is Ian and the Murphy family. The blog I've read for the longest time in this category is Carolyn M. She's also timely, encouraging, and provides great links to other blogs and good books.

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